Head for the shelters: D&D movie sequel arrives Oct 8th

In case the warning hasn’t reached you yet, here it is: the sequel to the Dungeons & Dragons movie exists, and is nearly upon us. Hide your loved ones, and beware the Sci Fi Channel on the evening of October 8th, as that is when Dungeons & Dragons II: Wrath of the Dragon God will manifest fully for any brave enough to witness its arrival. Here’s the description from the SciFi.com website:

Five heroes undertake a quest to prevent the rise of a dragon god and an evil sorceror. Mark Dymond (the James Bond film Die Another Day), Bruce Payne (reprising his role as Damodar from the original Dungeons & Dragons) and Clemency Burton-Hill (the upcoming miniseries Supernova) star in this fantasy epic.

Will it be as terrible as the first movie? Maybe, maybe not. But just in case, I’d get those Remove Curse spells readied… and maybe a Consecrate as well… or Regenerate, for those eyes you may gouge out…


  1. Any word on UK and Canadian cable market channels playing this show?

    I can’t find it on Space (Canada sci-fi channel) but the Space website is crap. Crap I say.

  2. It is actually much better than first movie (though that does not say much). Now it is more like normal d&d adventure with looting and dungeons. Should be fun to watch for everyone who does not expect too much from it (d&d should not be taken seriously either).

  3. I have seen wrath of the Dragon God and it redeams the firt attempt. All fans will be satisfied. At the opening u can sense something good is happening the whole feel of the movie is True Dungeons and Dragons, i told myself i’ve played this module before. No comic relief in this one. Its much more dramatic. I give it four out of five stars. It will breath new hope into Dungeons and Dragons movie projects, Wrath of the Dragon God is the right direction for what fans want to see. Its as good as it could be for the budget, excellent movie.

  4. Since the date the show airs isn’t here yet, it begs the question: how have you seen it already? And, were you involved in creating/promoting it? If so, your opinion wouldn’t influence me much.

  5. I will be one of the first to buy this one when it comes out! If the sales are good they will make more! And more D&D movies is what we want,as long as they keep getting better. I recommend all fans go out and buy this one because its the best one so far and for the sake of future D&D movies.

  6. I saw it this weekend, it was 100% better than the first movie.

    Much like Highlander II, I am removing D&D I from the pantheon. The first movie is now Wrath of the Dragon God. 🙂

    There is still a lot of cheese, but a lot of the cheese is because the movie is so very D&D.

    You will see every campaign you’ve ever played in this movie. 🙂

  7. As opposed to what Courtney have seen in the D&D game campaign he played from which his first movie is based on?


    I’m still too skeptical.

    And there is a difference: HIGHLANDER was a good first film for the franchise. D&D: THE MOVIE started off their franchise with the worst first film (and pretty much ruined it for everyone).

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