A glimpse behind the scenes at OgreCave

December 19th, 2005: Mike Sugarbaker says...
A glimpse behind the scenes at OgreCave

“Jeez, did we really not post for like seven days?”
“Man. Those lists take a lot out of you.”
“We’ll be done soon. That, and not a lot is happening out there.”
“Not that we didn’t already talk about in a podcast, anyway.”
“Yeah, um, we should maybe… do another one of those?”
“It’ll happen this week, keep your shirt on.”
“Whatever. Anything else new?”
“Not a thing. I was at Endgame yesterday staring at that famous new indie-RPGs shelf and realized that I’ve already bought pretty much everything I want.”
“Go you.”
“Yeah. But I did find the PDF of the preliminary version of the next indie game I am excited about. It’s called The Shab-al-Hiri Roach; it’s probably as near to a cheerfully morbid, Gorey-esque romp as a Lovecraft-inspired game can get.”
“Yeah. The full-on, slick-looking commercial version comes out in the spring, I guess.”
“Sweet. Anyway, I guess I’m back to shaking people down for their list entries.”
“Word. Get a few hits in for me.”


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