A glimpse behind the scenes at OgreCave

“Jeez, did we really not post for like seven days?”
“Man. Those lists take a lot out of you.”
“We’ll be done soon. That, and not a lot is happening out there.”
“Not that we didn’t already talk about in a podcast, anyway.”
“Yeah, um, we should maybe… do another one of those?”
“It’ll happen this week, keep your shirt on.”
“Whatever. Anything else new?”
“Not a thing. I was at Endgame yesterday staring at that famous new indie-RPGs shelf and realized that I’ve already bought pretty much everything I want.”
“Go you.”
“Yeah. But I did find the PDF of the preliminary version of the next indie game I am excited about. It’s called The Shab-al-Hiri Roach; it’s probably as near to a cheerfully morbid, Gorey-esque romp as a Lovecraft-inspired game can get.”
“Yeah. The full-on, slick-looking commercial version comes out in the spring, I guess.”
“Sweet. Anyway, I guess I’m back to shaking people down for their list entries.”
“Word. Get a few hits in for me.”


  1. Do you guys really speak like the characters off Buffy _all_ the time? Even Mike sounds like Joss Whedon. Actually, thats at least part of why I enjoy your podcast so much. Weird.

  2. I have logged my share of Buffy hours, but it may be two other factors: 1) we’re both from California; 2) I made this conversation up.

  3. Guys, you are running out of time for your PDF list. Just a few more days until Christmas.

  4. It’s okay, the PDF list is intended for people who are so late with gifts that they need something they can email.

    In all seriousness, the lists are time-consuming to put together and we’ve been trying to quit neglecting the other portions of the site so much this week. Between that and the holiday craziness we all have to deal with, it’s been slow. Thanks for bearing with us.

  5. Glad you’re excited about the Shab-al-Hiri Roach! The print version is a huge improvement over the Game Chef version, having been playtested pretty extensively and professionally laid out. The greasy, unspeakable core has been lovingly preserved, though.

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