Godlike print copies go fan-funded

January 12th, 2006: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Godlike print copies go fan-funded

Arc Dream Publishing recently announced that it would be following the lead of its co-founder, Dennis Detwiller, by going to the masses for print-run funding. Starting with the Godlike GM Screen, Arc Dream will collect pledges toward making the product available in print form. Fans who pledge for each product will receive a copy for no added charge, and each successfully funded product will be available to retailers. If the necessary cash isn’t raised for a product, Arc Dream may only end up selling them as ebooks.

This raises the question: Is print-run funding the way more game companies will go? It would give the company’s fans a more direct say in what reaches physical bookshelves next, and could save publishers from releasing a flop. This will also test the “downloadable versus print” preferences of Godlike fans, which could be equally interesting. Click below for the press release.

Arc Dream Publishing press release follows:

GODLIKE is now fundable!

Arc Dream Publishing (AKA partners Dennis Detwiller and Shane Ivey) announces a new approach to releasing supplements and accessories for its critically acclaimed roleplaying game GODLIKE: Superhero Roleplaying in a World on Fire, 1936-1946. Printing of Arc Dream’s new GODLIKE projects is available for funding by pledging the purchase price at Fundable.org.

If there are enough pledges to print the product, Arc Dream collects the pledged funds and it goes to press. Every fan who pledged will receive a copy in the mail at no additional charge, and the product will be available to retailers worldwide.

If there aren’t enough pledges, NO pledges are collected and the product does not go to press. However, most new GODLIKE projects will be sold as ebooks through such online retailers as e23 and RPGNow, even if they don’t go to press.

“We’re a small-press game company in a difficult market,” says Arc Dream President Shane Ivey. “Funding the physical production of GODLIKE supplements through pledges allows us to get around the cash crunch facing most small companies in this industry. And it allows us to test a project’s appeal to consumers in a very direct way.”


The first GODLIKE accessory available for printing by pledge is the long-awaited GODLIKE Game Moderator’s Screen, a sturdy three-panel screen with stunning art by Sam Araya (Unknown Armies, Wild Talents).

To see the GODLIKE GM Screen, visit its Web page here:

The GODLIKE GM Screen will be available for pledges until February 3, 2006. A pledge is $10, which gets you one copy of the screen AND covers shipping and handling to any country.

Unlike other upcoming GODLIKE projects, however, the GM Screen will not be available as an ebook. So make your pledge today – and make the GODLIKE GM Screen a reality.

Upcoming fundable GODLIKE supplements include a deadly adventure set in the battle for Saipan; an adventure collection featuring British Commonwealth soldiers in the invasion of Normandy; a covert equipment catalog for Talents in the SOE; a full-length campaign set in the Allied landings in North Africa in 1942, and more.

For more information, and to pledge for the GODLIKE GM Screen, please visit www.ArcDream.com.


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