“Great” news about Colossal Red Dragon

Dear whoever’s in charge of writing press releases for Wizards these days: okay, seriously, I know there’s no good way to deliver bad news, but we’re not retards, alright? It’s bad enough that the D&D Minis Colossal Red Dragon will cost $75 and miss Indy by a month; that makes you look a little clumsy. This just makes your corporate voice literally sound like that of someone who’s about to have a nervous breakdown. Note that I do not ascribe fault for this to Bill Slavicsek, whose name is on the linked note. And they may just be hamfistedly trying to tell us that they decided to upgrade the paint job, which is cool if true. But man, to leave out any acknowledgement that some gamers might be unhappy with a price hike and delay… this should have been caught by the first marketing person who looked at it. (Someone in marketing did look at it, right??)