Whispers of WotC’s surprise game announcement

There’s been considerable speculation about what Wizards of the Coast will reveal in its “big announcement about our newest game for 2006” at the Monday dinner at GTS next month. Sure, most of it has been by retailers, both fearful and anxious about what WotC plans to put into the market and whether it will sell for them or not. Still, little has been said about this surprise announcement. But I’ve heard rumors… tantalizing, juicy rumors…

More than one source has whispered that WotC will be showing off a new collectible miniatures game. These whispers, which aren’t confirmed, go on to say this non-licensed game will be a larger scale than D&D or Star Wars, around 35-40 mm. Called Dreamblade, the game will be more strategic than WotC’s skirmish minis titles. The game will have a rich backstory, these whispers tell me, and involve a Dreammaster-type summoning creatures from his/her dreams. Or so these whispers tell me.

Hmm… a non-licensed game WotC expects to do well, which will have a rich backstory, and involve summoning creatures. Can anyone say Magic: the Collectible Miniatures Game? Oh wait, I should’ve whispered that…


  1. You’re right, that does sound like a Magic: the Gathering minis game. I’m not sure what to think of that. It could either go over really big, or flop really big. I’ll wait and see what it looks like, I guess.

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