D&D Minis ’06: Hugeness confirmed

For those that missed the catalog mention, impending hugeness was reiterated last week. Wizards made a D&D Miniatures news announcement on its website that mostly repeated known plans for 2006. Perhaps most important, it brought more attention to the War of the Dragon Queen set, coming in July. Adding more punch to the “Year of the Dragon”, the set will contain “12 Huge figures in this 60-figure set”, as well as some epic-level figures with the characteristic second stat cards. The rarity distribution of the huge figures in Dragon Queen will be at least slightly different than that of the Giants of Legend big boys, which were 12 of a 72-figure set.


  1. I’m not a fan of WotC bendy plastic figs, but if they were produce figs for the D20 Future line, I’d buy them.

  2. I believe the “Huge” packs will once again be priced at $19.99 per package, with 8 figures (one of them huge) in each.

  3. I, personally, fell off the treadmill after Angelfire. Just can’t justify dumping more money on collectible figures.

    I figure, pun not intended, that I have enough to suit any D&D gaming. If it doesn’t match, oh well that’s what imaginations are for. =)

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