1. Listened to the interview – thought the program was really great. Keep up the good work!


  2. Great interview. Kinda Bummed Aldo didn’t mention One Small Step and our latest release Politics as Usual. Going into 2006 Mid term elections we are expecting to see a new push for Political games. Our game splits the hairs rather well.
    We have several other family games and continue our War Gamming tradition with Millenium Wars.

    I have to agree with what Aldo had to say. I would like to add that we get little if any feed back from the industry really. What do we need to help you sale games. (perfereably ours) I think the point is taken that we may need to go to more conventions. We did that last year and had mixed results. I think that was part planning part emergnecy situation that resulted in man power having to leave or not being availible. But that will happen in small companies where the principles have full time jobs. (not to mention two kids)

    I have more to say but I ‘m not sure this is the right place to say it. I enjoyed the interview. Good work.

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