Rumored WizKids Clix announcement tonight at GTS

So another source tells us that the mysterious extra product WizKids will announce tonight after their BSG shpiel is Toon Clix. This would give them the trifecta of stuff that people buy action figures of in comic book shops, scaled down to clicky size. Which is not a bad strategy for business, actually. Allegedly they have licensed hundreds of characters, to be sold two figures per pack (because that worked so well last time) and the goal of the game is to find your toons’ “happy place.” All the best toons don’t have anything even resembling a happy place, so I guess I’m not the target market (although old school toons like Hong Kong Phooey are in the mix, suggesting a nostalgia angle). I don’t know, I guess there’s no reason to get upset about WizKids using Clix non-games for collectors as cash cows to support more experimental games. If this is even true.

UPDATE: There was also an announcement of Great Cthulhu being the big promo figure for HorrorClix.


  1. Oh. My. God. (or my elder god, in this case)

    Gorgeous figure. I’ll sell my soul for one.

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