Foolery round-up 2006

Yes, there were more April Fool’s Day jokes this year from various game publishers. Some didn’t fool many, others fooled only fools, while certain hoaxes fooled just about everyone. Meanwhile, we cave dwellers ignored all such foolery and converged on EndGame for some roleplaying, boardgaming, and mad dashes to the parking meter until finally clued into the best lot to use.


  1. No.

    I mean yes! I mean — (speaks in tongues, froths at mouth, keels over)

    We have a podcast in the edit queue where we discuss it some, and (since that was *ahem* weeks ago now!) things have developed since. More soon.

  2. Yeah, what Mike said. (the frothing and keel over part, at least)

    My fractured collarbone and excessive medical appointments have slwed things lately, but they were slow before that, so… we’ll have something put together soon. Sorry for the delays.

  3. Allan — I’m sad to hear about your injuries! No hurry, I’m just be anxious.


  4. Thanks, Ben. Should be on the mend once the docs pin this &%^$# bone back together.

    We’ll have our awards straightened out as soon as the current craziness calms down, and let all our readers in on what we see as the best of 2005.

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