Audio Report: James Szubski of WizKids

In which the WK director of brand management is authorized to discuss whatever upcoming products he wants. And he pretty much does. He doesn’t out-and-out announce anything, but… let’s say that if you don’t think you could ever get excited about clicky games again, well, you might wanna listen to this (despite a couple of audio problems). It’s hot stuff. We’ve got another show ready and are clearing out our backlog fast, so subscribe now.


  1. Yes, many thanks to James for taking the time to talk with us. Much information was imparted, and we really appreciate it.

    I would also like to curse the podcast gods for making my microphone conk out during part of the show. :-/

  2. Allan, what you really didn’t know is that it didn’t conk out…we just muted you 🙂

  3. Hi.

    Well, what I’d manage to understand was interesting – but it wasn’t a lot. So I hope you lot talk about it in future podcasts.


  4. I gotta say I love OgreCave podcasts best of all among the RPG podcasts, but this one was a shocker. I almost could not understand a word he was saying and I had to give up listening.

    Looking forward to the next one…

  5. We know, we know. 🙁 Mike spent hours trying to doctor the audio, and we went with airing it rather than scrapping it. Phoning into Skype is not a happy thing at times…

  6. It was difficult to listen to but very worthwhile. Lots of interesting tidbits in there… if you bear with it! Thanks all!

  7. Yeah. The audio quality was really bad but I was able to catch snippets of interesting stuff. I have to admitt that I was really intrigued by his comments about the “other” giant robot franchise picked up to compliment Mechwarrior. The time frame puts it close to the Transformers movie but I know that ain’t it because Hasbro owns that. I wracked my brains trying to think of two possiblities and the two that come immediately to mind are Robotech and/or Gundam. Out of those two, I’d say Robotech is a better possibilty because the mechs are a bit closer to the blockiness favored by the Mechwarrior style. If they do this, I’ll be the first person on my block lined up to pick up a Devistator and Veritech 🙂

  8. No verbatim transcript…but I will endeavor to post highlights here. Give me the weekend, and I will get something up…least I can do considering how much time Mike puts into the editing of the show.

    I dunno if there are any other Battletech guys reading this, but the irony of getting to play with Macross models in a mechwarrior setting is almost staggering 😉

    Thanks again for your patience on the audio. We all do this in our spare time because we enjoy it. Our toolset and capital are limited, so at times we are forced to make calls like the one we did here. The content was SOOOO good, while the quality was less than optimal.

  9. There is a sound like tapping during part of the show. It was driving me wild. It sounded like someone tapping on a keyboard…

  10. Chris –

    Yes. I know. I was around for the FASA/Harmony Gold fight. But, as they say, money changes everything.

  11. After giving up on my first attempt to listen to the show (due to the tapping sound) I did try again, and I must admit the content was well worth listening to.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Matthew picks up on the one thing that I’ve noticed on a few of the podcasts: someone involved on the podcast has the loudest keyboard ever. I’m guessing that during the discussions one of the interviewers is referencing material and the microphone is picking up the noise.

  13. We are usually more able to edit the keyboard sounds out, but the low signal on James’ line made it impossible this time.

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