True Dungeon sells out at Gen Con 2006

As expected, True Dungeon has sold out at Gen Con Indy again. This is despite the increased ticket price, and may have been aided by the changes/upgrades announced a while back. Meanwhile, we’re still trying to define the type of LARP-offshoot genre that True Dungeon has become. Live puzzle game? Cooperative quest game?

True Dungeon press release follows:

True Dungeon Sells Out AGAIN!

Wow! On behalf of all the True Dungeon volunteers we would like to thank you for your GREAT RESPONSE during the opening of event ticket registration. We greatly appreciate your show of interest in our event and the new improvements made possible by your ideas and financial support. We have re-doubled our efforts to make this year’s True Dungeon event as good as possible, and your hearty response has brought home to us how much this event means to our players (and to us!). Thank you for your enthusiasm and your trust. See you in August!

Big THANK YOU to Some Volunteers,

An event the size of True Dungeon can only happen with the help of many hard working volunteers who toil throughout the year. I would like to take this space to thank Lori Martin, Dave Radtke, Heidi Neff, Warren Snider, Fritz Fuchs-Snider, Jeff Chandler, Brian Kelley, Tom Gowen, Doug Martin and Joyus Kelly who continuously work to get the event ready. Still others like Paula Moran, Gary Aswegan, David Seymour and Douglas Equils help out as they can from their locations. Sorry if I left someone out!

True Arena: Some Tickets Still Available!

This year we thought it would be fun to give the “fighter-types” a chance to show off in a tournament to see who among them is the best TD warrior. “True Arena” will allow you to take your 5 best tokens into a 128-player, single-elimination tournament where you can match your sliding (and collecting) skills against mighty foes. The winners from the four 32-player preliminary rounds will face off at Saturday night’s Final Battle, where prizes and glory await! The cost is $3.00 and it is a two hour event. You don’t need a bunch of tokens to do well – just a good eye and nerves of steel. The event is open to 2nd level or higher True Dungeon players only. True Arena is at the following times:

Event Code Day Time
RPG01486 Thur 6 pm
RPG01487 Fri 9 am
RPG01488 Fri 6 pm
RPG01489 Sat 9 am
RPG01490 Sat 10 pm (Finals)

More True Arena information is available HERE.

Treasure Tokens

We have published a 2006 edition of our famous treasure tokens with many new tokens in each category (Common, Rare, Very Rare and Ultra Rare). These new tokens are available for purchase right now in our online store, and they will ship within a few days of your order. Note that tokens can also be bought at the event, as well as found as treasure inside the dungeon. Each bag comes with 7 Common, 2 Rare and 1 Very Rare tokens, and each bag costs $10 each. Go HERE to buy your tokens.

Pre-Convention Token Specials: To thank people who support the event before August, we will offer the following specials until July 25th, 2006. We will not offer any tokens for sale after July 25th – until we are onsite at Gen Con.

o Party Pack Special – Buy 6 bags and get 1 free = $60

o 12 Pack Special – Buy 10 bags and get 2 free = $100

o Golden Ticket Special – Buy 25 bags and get 5 free = $250

Special Promotion!!

Lori and I are welcoming our daughter into the world in early July, so we would really like to get most of the token orders completed before that. To encourage this, we are lauching a special promotion for anyone who places an order in the TD Store. From today (6/8/06) until June 25th, for every $50 you spend at the TD Store, your name will be entered into a drawing for a VIP Golden Ticket to the special VIP Party/Dungeon Run at Gen Con Indy. This will be your chance to party and then be the first to play with the power TD players, as well as some industry luminaries. It should be a lot of fun…and a few surprises await. We are giving away 5 Golden Tickets, so your chances of winning are pretty good. (NOTE: all Golden Ticket winners will receive with a very cool Token Carrier as shown below. These work great for holding your tokens during an adventure.)

VIP Info: The exclusive VIP party that starts Wednesday, August 9th at 5:45pm in the ballroom on the second floor of the Marriott. The festivities include a contest with all teams competing in the first soon-to-be-annual True Dungeon VIP Team Tournament where each member of the winning party will receive a “1 of 7 limited edition” Ultra Rare Treasure Token. The winning team will be announced at the exclusive VIP post-dungeon party inside the closed Fantasy Tavern around 9:30pm, and then the party will continue until about 10:30pm. This is a great chance to meet the people who bring you this event.

$500 Bonus Premium – Anyone who places an order with our online store that totals $500 or more will receive a free autographed copy of the official TD 2006 module. This module will be signed by the author and mailed shortly after Gen Con Indy.

The Famous “00” Bag – Back in the old AD&D days, it was really cool to roll “00” when you were randomizing your treasure roll. To bring back all that fun, 1 in 100 treasure tokens bags will have a special composition. This year, all “00” bags will replace a Common token with an Ultra Rare token! Note that these Ultra Rare tokens will be harder to find in the dungeon this year.