Live from Gen Con 06: let the wild rumpus stop

August 10th, 2006: admin says...
Live from Gen Con 06: let the wild rumpus stop

Random starting notes:

  • True Dungeon seems to be less of a big deal in the con culture this time out. Maybe due to the poor position of the Tavern. Or maybe just because I am hopped up on goofballs. I will probably start hearing more about it when Chris has his run.
  • People are coming away from the IPR/Forge/Wicked Dead booth with big, big handfuls of books. At one point the line was exactly half as long as the line to buy stuff at the WotC booth – I counted. (The only really impressive lines were at Privateer for Superiority, FanPro for I assume CBT Total Warfare, and – this one shocked me – the Order of the Stick guy for his new board game.)
  • People seem to be buying and playing Dreamblade at an impressive clip. Some booths are even selling singles already.
  • I still haven’t gotten to play Mechaton. DAMMIT
  • Also haven’t seen the Viktory II guy. I don’t remember if we linked to this fellow’s exhaustive documentation, floated on the net a few weeks ago, about what-all went into the garage production of his combat game. [Edit: we have now.] Will have to look for him more carefully tomorrow.
  • Already a much stronger presence of video game companies. Pirates of the Burning Seas, yay.
  • “Preorder the Deluxe Edition of Kill Doctor Lucky from Titanic Games and get a limited edition Dr. Lucky miniature!” !!!???

More soon, naturally.


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