Tenacious preview of The Spoils at Gen Con Indy

Another game is preparing to enter the collectible card game market: Tenacious Games’ The Spoils. The game setting strikes me as a blend of steampunk and fantasy, with some sci-fi anime influences as well. The early art from beta samples we’ve received are high quality, and occasional hardcore combat scenes pop up now and then to get players’ blood flowing (watch for the Hidden Sniper card, for one). Tenacious Games is holding an Open Beta tournament (at Gen Con Indy right now, of course), with all sorts of prizes offered up in events all the way through October 29th, including a $10,000 tournament in New York. The Spoils has its true launch in November, but these tournaments will surely hold importance for the game’s chances. Without enough pre-existing buzz, most retailers will be hesitant to risk stocking another collectible product.

Tenacious Games announcement, from Gen Con press release:

Tenacious Games kicks off its Premier Tournaments for the Open Beta release of The Spoils™ Tournament Card Game™ at Gen Con!
You can’t buy The Spoils™ until November. Instead, we’ve printed a limited, pre-release set we’re calling Open Beta. Launching August 5th and culminating October 29th with a $10,000 cash tournament in New York, Tenacious Games is giving away 2.2 million cards and over $60,000 in tournament prizes. And the only way to get the cards is to play.
Stop by our booth for a demo or go straight to our tournament HQ and play for a total of $5,000 cash, for one of 17 iPods, or just for the fun and the cards. With the coupon in the Gen Con coupon book for $3 off any Tenacious Games event, you can play and take home a set of cards for free.
Players will receive six boosters of limited release The Spoils™ Beta cards for each tournament. Prizes will include a 30Gig Video iPod Friday, $2,500.00 in cash ($1,000.00 first prize) on both Saturday and Sunday, as well as unopened Beta product, and the coolest card sleeves you’ve ever seen.
The Spoils™ tournaments will run all weekend long. Get in on the game and get ready for the public launch in November, featuring Pro-level cash events! More info at www.thespoils.com.


  1. This game rocks! I played it at Gencon today and I loved it. If you are a MTG player or a VS player you will like this game.

  2. The Spoils has the coolest looking cardback I’ve ever seen in a TCG. They were selling sleeves printed with their cardback at the booth. It’s like old-school Magic but better.

  3. I actually like the core mechanics. It seems superior to MTG and is extensible (courtesy of the faction cards which start in play). But man, some of the resource icons are practically microscopic. I have bad vision and they look like tiny colored dots to me.

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