WizKids shuffles product releases

September 8th, 2006: Allan Sugarbaker says...
WizKids shuffles product releases

Though some circles still report the Battlestar Galactica CCG simply hasn’t taken off, WizKids is still planning Betrayal, the game’s first expansion set. A popular TV show tie-in, autographed cards (Crewman Cally cards, signed by actress Nicki Clyne), will be adding to the expansion’s lure. However, the 165-card set’s release date has shifted from October 11 to November 8 “due to unforeseen production issues.”

Meanwhile, WizKids says it has sold out of the initial print run of HorrorClix (see the full press release below) – just in time for Halloween. Actually, the company plans to have a reprint in hand by the end of September, which should be plenty of time, and distributors still have stock available. So this could be a sign of success, one that WizKids needs. We’ll have more to say about this in next week’s Audio Report, but for now, let’s just say this is an interesting time to be a retailer stocking WizKids products.

WizKids press release follows:

September 6, 2006

Dear Hobby Retailers, Distributors, and WizKids Envoys,

I have good news, bad news, and good news.

First off, I would like to personally thank you for all the enthusiasm and support that you have provided for HorrorClix over the last several months. Your efforts to promote the game have been tireless, and your commitment to help the game succeed is unprecedented at a time when many games struggle to launch.

The good news is that HorrorClix is experiencing a wonderful release and we appreciate and recognize all of your help in creating this success.

The bad news is that despite our efforts to create what we thought were sufficient quantities of inventory to stock the product for three to six months after the release date, our inventory is currently out in the U.S. After the promotional window for the Cthulhu figure was closed, we continued to receive re-orders from all of our distribution partners as more and more fans became excited about our new line of Clix-based minis.

Now that the product has launched to consumers around the world, we are receiving re-orders even earlier than we had expected. The good news is that anticipating this upswing in interest and activity, we have a reprint already in the works and on the way. The reprint is expected to arrive at our warehouse at the end of September when it will immediately be able to begin shipping though distribution channels. So although in the short term we may have a lack of product to satisfy everyone’s needs, we will be able to catch up fairly quickly.

Again, I would like to personally thank you for all your help in making the HorrorClix launch a huge success for WizKids, and thank you in advance for bearing with us as we manage the overwhelming demand for this product.


Joe Hauck
EVP of Sales, Marketing, and Product Development
WizKids, Inc.


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