Bastion Games calls it quits, hands off titles

Seems the siren call of the computer game industry has lured another creative spirit toward better funded pastures. In a pair of press releases today, Bastion Press announced that starting now, other companies would be taking up support of its properties. Specifically, Bastion’s President Jim Butler has handed off nearly all of its RPG titles to DragonWing Games, which will continue to sell Bastion products, reprint sold out titles, and develop new ones under the joint Bastion/DragonWing banner. The other Bastion property, Oathbound, has landed in the hands of its original author, Greg Dent, and will soon have a new website at Both press releases are below.

Bastion Press news releases follow:

DragonWing Games to Produce Bastion Press titles

(October 4, 2006) Fort Wayne, IN – DragonWing Games has acquired the rights to the Bastion Press line of d20 titles. Effective October 4, 2006 the home for Bastion Press will relocate itself to the DragonWing Games website along with the official company forums.

“I am very excited about this opportunity,” said Steven Creech, owner of DragonWing Games. “Bastion Press and I have shared a long history and I am honored that Jim would entrust the Bastion legacy to me.” DragonWing Games will not only continue to offer Bastion Press’ existing titles such as Arms & Armor, Minions, Torn Asunder: Critical Hits and Airships, but also develop and publish new products under dual Bastion Press and DragonWing Games logos. These new books will include the long-delayed Lore of the Gods and Book of Curses along with offering new reprints of the sold out Arms & Armor v3.5, Torn Asunder: Critical Hits, and Complete Minions with any errata included.

“Steve has been involved with Bastion long enough that I’m comfortable handing him the reins,” said Jim Butler, President of Bastion Press. “Steve’s guidance and drive will allow Bastion Press products to thrive in the marketplace as my professional life leads me back into the computer gaming field. I’m confident that Bastion remains in good hands.”

Bastion Press products may be purchased from electronic online retailers such as DrivethruRPG, EN World Gamestore, Paizo online store, and RPGNow. Print copies of all available Bastion Press titles may be purchased directly from our partners at the Studio 2 Publishing online store or from your local hobby and games store.

About DragonWing Games

DragonWing Games was founded in 2004 as a means of producing small, quality products designed for use with laptops while gaming. In addition to the license with Bastion Press, DragonWing Games has also licensed the Hunt: Rise of Evil and Fall of Man campaign settings from Mystic Eye Games. DragonWing Games is owned by award-winning game designer Steven Creech, who also serves as the sales director for Magnificent Egos miniatures. He may be contacted at or on the DragonWing Games website . DragonWing Games’ most recent product is Darkwalkers: The Evil Within, an OGL supplement on evil player characters and campaigns.


Oathbound Comes Back Home!

(October 4, 2006) Seattle, WA – Bastion Press’ critically acclaimed and ENnie nominated Oathbound® campaign setting is officially changing hands, though its face will stay quite familiar. Effective October 4th, 2006, Oathbound will be exclusively owned and managed by Greg Dent, original author and creator of the Oathbound series.

“This will be a good change for Oathbound,” said Greg Dent. “The original spirit and intent of the Oathbound line will remain alive, but with new input from fans and new content from the Oathbound team. And have no fear; all the old familiar products as well will continue to be supported and available through”

“I’m excited to see Greg take control of Oathbound,” said Jim Butler, President of Bastion Press. “As one of the original creators of the world, Greg brings with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise.”

Oathbound will now be managed exclusively through its own website, Look for the newly designed website to be up and running within the next few weeks. All Oathbound materials will be available through the new Oathbound website. Players’ queries will be answered by the Grey Stranger, your guide to the world of the Forge. Until the new website is armed and fully operational though, please direct any business queries or book orders and all questions to the Grey Stranger to In the meantime, keep on gaming!