Outsourcing your minis-painting to Asia isn’t just for the big boys anymore

We are a Sri Lankan miniature painting service that offers high quality, traditional miniature painting (no cheap speed painting tricks!) at the lowest rates on Earth […] Quality the average Western painter charges as much as $9-$12 to paint, we do for only $3.”


  1. wow, second time that si lanka and role playing games have come togethr. The first is a reffrence in shadow run to cheap sri lankan cars…..

  2. http://www.miniaturelovers.com

    They’re also in Si Lanka, cheaper and the paint quality seems to be better. I’ve used these guys before and I can vouch for their quality (I really really really didn’t want to paint all those skaven slaves).

  3. Oops. Minor correction: it seems that miniaturelovers.com has upped their prices a bit since I used them last but its still about or less than a buck more and, like I said, the quality seems better (all I have to go by is the photos on the paintedfigs.com website and we all know how dodgy photos of minis can be).

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