Margaret Weis to launch Battlestar Galactica RPG

December 22nd, 2006: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Margaret Weis to launch Battlestar Galactica RPG

Though leaked a while ago, the announcement finally came down from Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd., and just in time for Christmas: yes, Virginia, there is a Battlestar Galactica RPG in the works. A quickstart guide is planned for early 2007, and the main game should be a spring release. The new roleplaying game will use the same rule system as the Serenity RPG. See the official press release below.

Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. press release follows:

Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. Arms Battlestar Galactica

December 21, 2006 (Lake Geneva, Wisconsin) – Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. has reached an agreement with Universal Studios Consumer Products Group to produce roleplaying game products based on the enormously successful, critically-acclaimed television series, Battlestar Galactica.

“When we established our company we made the commitment to produce character- and story-focused role playing games using the best source material we could find,” says Margaret Weis, New York Times best-selling author and game publisher. “Battlestar Galactica is the kind of science fiction that we do best, where the drama and characters are more important than the guns and the gadgets. The very survival of the human race is at stake in the series and exploring the story possibilities in the setting can make for some very exciting games.”

Battlestar Galactica is the Emmy-nominated television series brought to the small screen by Executive Producers Ronald D. Moore and David Eick. In the United States, the program can be seen weekly on the Sci-Fi Channel. This hit show captivates its audience as an aged battleship leads a ragtag civilian fleet away from a terrifying enemy – the Cylons – and toward hope on a mythical world called Earth.

Like the show, the role playing game book is set in space and will focus on the challenges of survival in exceedingly trying times – and the difficult choices that must be made. The core product, the Battlestar Galactica Role Playing Game, is a self-contained game product using the same game system as the best-selling and award-winning Serenity Role Playing Game (also produced by Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd.). The game book will be a full-color hardcover book featuring still images from the series as well as original artwork. It will provide rules for play, character creation, and information about the ship and crew of Galactica as well as the other main characters from the show. A Quickstart Guide will be released in early 2007 with the core product premiering in the spring. Additional products will closely follow the release of the core product. The entire line will be supported by an interactive website.

Jamie Chambers (Dragonlance Campaign Setting, Serenity Role Playing Game) is helping lead a team of writers and designers dedicated to re-creating the excitement, drama, and danger of the groundbreaking television series. “The Galactica universe is a dark and dangerous place. Yet in terrible times people learn the truth about themselves and their relationships with others. It’s a challenge to re-create that critical tension in a game and keep the play fun. That said, I know gamers will be smiling even while their characters are going through hell!”

In keeping with the military setting of the series, Sean Everette (Knightly Orders of Ansalon, Castlemourn Campaign Setting) is an important part of the project. Having served in both the United States Navy and Air Force, he will bring his writing, game design, and military knowledge to the table. “The military culture is a key aspect to the show. The writers do an amazing job of presenting the dynamic in a realistic manner. Our objective is to take that realism and turn it into a fun and easy way for players to portray a variety of military characters, such as Viper pilots and Marines.”

More information will be released in the near future with further details about the upcoming line of Battlestar Galactica role playing game products.

About Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd.
New York Times best-selling author Margaret Weis continues to lead her company into carefully selected ventures in book and game publishing. The company has enjoyed great success and won multiple awards including an Origins Award (Gamer‚s Choice for Best Role Playing Game in 2006) and the Gen Con EN World Awards (Best Production Values). Recent successes include the Serenity Role Playing Game and the Paths of Doom series of adventure fiction. The company will be announcing several new exciting initiatives in the book, card game, board game, and role playing game categories over the next few months. Margaret Weis Productions, Ltd. is based in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the birthplace of hobby roleplaying games.

About Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica is the gripping saga of humanity’s last remnants and their struggle to find a new home while fleeing from their deadly Cylon enemies. Redefining the space opera with its gritty realism, Galactica has distinguished itself by the intensity and present day relevance of its stories and the command performances of its ensemble cast. The series confronts everything from religion, politics and sex, to what it really means to be “human.” Galactica has struck a chord with audiences, who have made it one of the most talked about series on television. Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica recently premiered on SCI FI Channel in October 2006. Battlestar Galactica is from NBC Universal Television Studio.


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