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Just to let you all know, my dead computer has made progress on the site difficult. I’ve called for more knowledgable reinforcements to assist in recovery efforts, and hope to be up and running soon. Meanwhile, updates – including several reviews, a lengthy article from Demian, and more – will go up as quickly as we can manage in these dark times. We will also have a new podcast episode up soon once Mike’s done editing it for me (recorded at Chris’ place over the holidays, with all three of us in person!). Please stand by… we’ll be with you shortly.


  1. hey, could you guys talk a little about burning empires. I was just made aware of it, researched it and don’t know what to think. It’s sorta whacky sounding. On the net it’s got lots of fans, but reading examples of game play i can’t figure it out at all. It’s 700 pages…wtf!

  2. Thanks, i took a listen and while luke sounds like a cool g.m (d.m whatever) i still don’ know much about the games. I guess this goes in the “you gotta see it to believe it” file. Like most of humanity, I’m sorta scared off by the ruleiness (is that a word) of the game. I’ll have to see

  3. Its not just you, timopod –

    There is no end of people screaming “OMG this stuff is the best!” and going through reams of kleenex talking about their games but actual information about the games seems to be scarce. Heck, on IPR I can’t even get to see a larger version of the cover art!

    I bought Mountain Witch at GenCon and it was a good read but I’m certainly not going to drop $25+ blindly.

  4. Ok, i read some game sessions people posted about burning empires. Still, i can’t tell if it’s a character game, or a descriptive overview ame. Basicly are you playing a character, or is there a character whom you tak about and give sort of narative overviews. “In this scene Guy swifty will go to thew librarry and reasurch the enemy, then he’ll come home and eay a samwhich”.

    On 2d6 they talk aboot a space battle, ok cool, but i already hate federation battles (star trek).

    What exactly is this game like and am i right in asumeing that there could be cliff notes for the rule book. Sounded like with the right gm (luke crane) it could be fun.

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