Audio Report: put a bow on Christmas and send it away

No, we haven’t forgotten that we do a podcast. The last retail issues of the holiday season get the OCAR treatment in this show, with plenty of play reports of everything from the Wii to King’s Breakfast. Our next show should hit soon; we will wrap up the year with a history-making show. You’ll see what I mean. How do you feel about how the season shook out?


  1. Zelda: Twilight Princess is Game Cube game that got ported to Wii solely because the fans were pining after something along the lines of it getting Wii controls if you played on a Wii. Just thought that needed to be gotten out there.

    If I remember, Nintendo have said that, similarly to the DS, they’re going to be putting out a mixture of stuff aimed squarely at their traditional core audience and stuff with a wider remit.

  2. Chris mentioned something that helps with Arkham Horror. It sounded like “Behold It” but my search-fu is weak. Can we have a link?

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