And a Star Wars starship CSG, too

Well, it looks like WK is in full-bore throw-things-at-the-wall mode again, but at least the things in question are getting kinda interesting. If you don’t feel like linking out to read that, this’ll be a Pirates-style polystyrene CSG, redubbed “PocketModel TCG” for less crypticness (and more collector appeal, no doubt), that looks like it’ll compete nicely with the recent SW Minis Starship Battles game (and thank ye gods for that). Press release is below. I have to wonder if Star Wars is still a viable gamer license, though. If so, maybe this will add the special sauce that Rocketmen needed so badly.

WizKids press release follows:

WizKids Inc., a subsidiary of Topps and the creator of runaway hit games such as HeroClix and Pirates of the Spanish Main, announced today that it will release a new collectable game called the Star Wars PocketModel trading card game (TCG). The agreement is an expansion of Topps’ current licensing agreement with Lucas Licensing.

“The Topps Company and Lucas Licensing have enjoyed a successful 30-year licensing partnership and are proud to extend our license to include trading card games,” said Ira Friedman, Topps vice president of Publishing and Licensing.

The Star Wars PocketModel TCG combines the best features of classic TCGs with those of constructible strategy games (CSGs), a category that WizKids pioneered for kids. This TCG innovation allows players to use characters and action scenes from the movies on their cards to help control their fleets of PocketModel ships as they attempt to destroy each other’s objectives. This exciting, easy-to-learn game derives its content from all six Star Wars movies, making it possible for fans of all generations to enjoy battling for control of the galaxy!

“Topps trading cards were the very first Star Wars–licensed products,” said Howard Roffman, president of Lucas Licensing. “We are pleased to expand our longstanding relationship with Topps to include both WizKids and trading card game products. We are excited for Star Wars fans because there has never been a product quite like this before.”

Following in the tradition of WizKids’ successful Pirates CSG, no Starter is required for game play. Each Game Pack (SRP $4.99) contains four to eight styrene constructible vehicle models, six game cards, two micro dice, assembly instructions and complete rules.

“It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to create trading card games for a property with the history and popularity of Star Wars. Our first directive has been to develop a truly innovative card game that young Star Wars fans can enjoy,” said Lax Chandra, WizKids president. “The excitement generated by kids during our testing of the PocketModel TCG has exceeded our expectations on all accounts.”

The Star Wars PocketModel TCG is expected to be released at retail in June 2007, with a preview and samples available at Star Wars Celebration IV, May 24–28 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Sales inquiries may be directed to WizKids’ director of Sales, Dennis OBrien, at (425) 460-4311, or via e-mail at


  1. Well, we finally get to see that thing that was in Jordan Weismans “termination contract”. I gotta say, this is a smooth way to get around whatever Hasbro has going on. It really is, I am impressed.

    And for all you WK fanboys out there: I am totally interested in this one. I welcome it, and will be buying some. Sorry if I can’t be more frothy than that. 😉

  2. Well done. And it was only *kind* of back-handed which is WAY better than normal.

    If only Lucas hadn’t butchered my love of Star Wars with the Prequel abominations. Still, it will be hard to resist dropping $5 on a whim for 4-8 starships. God bless disposable income.

  3. don’t see why star wars wouldn’t be a viable license – it’s been selling medicore videogames for going on 2 decades now. the main issues with SWM Starships are a) way too freakishly expensive and b) there’s no actual game there, just a lot of dice rolling. WK’s effort already gets the first bit right – the question is how well it’ll do with the second.

  4. Well, it has to be expensive. It’s a licensed product, not one of WotC’s own.

    So how is this PocketModel not a miniatures game? More cards, less models?

  5. I just hope they keep the scale which the preview minis look like and it has a fun dogfighting mechanic, although I don’t think that will be true. I really wish all SW products nowadays were not all 6 movies. I want my starfighters to end in “wing” or start with “TIE.”

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