Paizo collects D&D minis, game designers

Paizo is giving us more than a few reasons to scratch our chins lately, the latest of which being that they are buying up large collections of D&D Minis. Why? Doesn’t say. We know they have a big year planned, with “new and exciting products, company changes, and a late summer release of a line of products Paizo’s never produced before,” the latter of which could mean literally anything and the second of which we keep hearing rumors about that we can’t confirm. I guess that leaves the first?

Oh, also I never did link to Mike Selinker’s development blog for Stonehenge, which (to recap) is a new and exciting product indeed: an all-star cast of game designers creates five games you can play with one set of swanky components. Apparently it’ll even be followed by an expansion set with more games by (ahem) more designers. Good times, and a great concept that could get more folks over the price-tag hump for nice board games.