Map of Perplex City replaced with something interesting

Curse my distributed-story-loving soul, but I am starting to get my hopes back up about Season 2 of Perplex City. The website is demonstrably worse, unless you need a constant supply of alterna-Sudoku puzzles from Japan (which I kind of do… I loves me some Ponturu), but if your local vendor has some of the new cards, cop a few and check out the card backs. Putting fragments of their immersive fiction onto the cards, in combination with isolating the web-LARP component of play onto one site (check the goofy video… kinda YouTube-ish for a company with $7MM in venture capital), may make ARG play a little more inviting and less of a pain in the ass for the masses. The puzzle side of the cards, of course, remains fun and lovely. Two bloody stumps up from the Ogres.


  1. It _sounds_ like a lot of retailers are staying away from season 2. There were a LOT of unsold cards left over from wave one. Which is a shame, cause they still make nifty puzzle packs for classrooms, etc.

    Dunno how hard it will be to find them, and I can say that they are not moving anywhere near as well as Season 1.

    Maybe the stuff they are implementing online will help.


  2. kinda YouTube-ish for a company with $7MM in venture capital

    You say that as if YouTube-ish is a bad thing right now …

  3. A lot of amateur YouTube clips are actually preferable to well-shot clips of bad actors, so I guess I’m with you, yeah.

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