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  1. All the same I don’t think they’re going to have any problems getting $39/ticket. It honestly sounds like they’re quite aware of the reaction an increase in cost will bring and they’re making up for it by making the “experience” (God, I sound like Microsoft) better by having a bigger play area, better props, and proper sound.

    That and the fact that True Dungeon is quite an “event” unto itself.

  2. I’m a fan, so take this with a pinch of salt…

    Those guys work so hard on the event, and it is so cool that I hope they don’t get po’ed about all the whining. I do some event mgmt for a drug company, and I can tell you that TD SHOULD cost $80 a ticket. It’s a bargain, trust me.

    Gen Con gamers are so ungrateful…I am embarrassed for them. Stop whining and be thankful. And think about why no one has copied them! Market forces do not lie whiners (at Gen Con site, not here).

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