Select droplets from the GTS news trickle

April 25th, 2007: Mike Sugarbaker says...
Select droplets from the GTS news trickle

Yeah, it doesn’t look like much of anyone has a well-oiled journalism machine in operation at GAMA this year. GR (which does not mean Green Ronin) has , here’s some annotated-for-your-convenience highlights and extra bits:

New TITAN. Yes, that one. These folks are bringing it but nothing’s on the site yet.

Pokemon CMG. Make it stop.

Pinnacle‘s doing a hallelujah NON-collectible pre-painted plastic minis game called Slaughter Gulch. (Also a Pirates of the Spanish Main RPG in May, which I hadn’t heard.)

CCGs for 24 and Stargate SG-1, *yawn* huzzah.

The third- and fourth-place distribution firms, Premier and Centurion, are merging, which is actually kind of a big deal, and maybe not altogether a good one for retailers. The combined company will operate under the Premier name.


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