1. nother good show guys,
    any way, yeah the internet has changed everything. When I was younger I use to go to comic cons and such because they were the place to find cool stuff you couldn’t get anywhere else. Now with the internet I don’t bother cause I can find the same stuff online and it’s not at the typical dealer room prices (plus i don’t have to put up with comic book guy (the simpsons)).

  2. Mike, you lose some eurogame cred. Arkadia is not the same game as Pillars of the Earth. There was lots of outcry that Pillars was not nominated for SDJ. And of course, you know by now that Zooloretto won the award.

  3. I don’t think I implied that Arkadia was the same game as Pillars of the Earth – my apologies if I said something that could be misconstrued that way. I think I did see PotE on some nominees list, but it may have been erroneous or didn’t distinguish long list from short list well.

  4. Re: dealer’s room.

    FWIW, I love the KublaCon dealer’s room and spend $40-$80 there every year. My main complaint is that the dealers room isn’t open the entire Con. It’s open like 10a-6pm for 2 of the days, while the con events go from 8am-12midnight. I often have to choose to be late to an event, just so I can go drop some dough on the dealer’s room. So, I’m in the minority it seems, but my complaint is that the dealer’s room is not *convenient for the attendees*.

    Re: RPGs at KublaCon

    KublaCon isn’t a big RPG draw, really. The miniatures room and boardgame areas are filled to capacity, it seems, every year. It’s like the inverse of the GenCon SoCal I went to (which was 75% RPG, 25% other).

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