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  1. Now they’ve got Traveller too? Geez. How many dozen books will they stretch the original rules into, at $29 a pop?

    I’m guessing at least eight.

  2. If they make them hard cover, put them out as 96 page books with the type amount of kerning and leading they use in their layout….you could be off by as many as 8 books. 😉

    And honestly, what makes that even more fun is to read the posts by Mongoose apologists. ‘Nah man, The figures for Evo didn’t need to be in scale with each other…that added tactical options! Now, with the game on hold, think of all the options now that we can officially proxy!!!’

  3. *sigh* Yep. I gotta agree with you Chris. I guess Mongoose isn’t going to be satisfied until they’ve ruined all of our fond memories of the old games. Fortunately, I was smart enough to see the writing on the wall and haven’t bought a single Mongoose product since they burned me so bad on Conan.

  4. Paranoia seems to have been handled *reasonably* well – it helps that the proper talent was brought in to get it done. But Runequest, oh man… and Conan…

  5. The SJGames Daily Illuminator put out there press release. I’ll do OC the courtesy of playing their reporter and post, since it addresses some questions folks have asked:

    August 6, 2007: The New Face Of Traveller

    Mongoose Publishing has just announced a comprehensive Traveller license and a strongly supported reintroduction of the Traveller system. Here’s their press release.

    I have one big comment on this: YEA!

    It is my hope . . . as it is Marc Miller’s hope . . . that this will reinvigorate Traveller, bringing new fans to this great game universe, and bringing new enthusiasm to the many players and GMs who have been enjoying it for decades.

    Under the terms of Mongoose’s license, most existing Traveller licenses will “sunset” . . . that is, they will reach the end of their current term and will not be renewed. GURPS Traveller and the Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society are specifically exempt from the “sunset” provision. Our license for those two projects runs until the end of 2011. At that time, Marc Miller will decide whether the license is renewed . . . just as he has been doing since we started. We are highly honored by this exemption. We take it as a compliment to the work that we have done so far with GURPS Traveller and JTAS. (And when I said so to Marc, he said, “Well, you should.” That made my day.)

    Just as we have done since Day 1, we’ll continue to do the best that we can by Traveller, so you’ll think we’re worthy of your support, and Marc will once again say, “Keep it up, guys.”

    Needless to say, JTAS will fully support the Mongoose line. Editor Loren Wiseman is already talking with Mongoose’s Matthew Sprange about an interview to more fully introduce their plans for the universe of the Iridium Throne.

    Hold onto your helmets, troops. It’s about to get interesting!
    — Steve Jackson

  6. I’m not quite the Mongoose apologist, but I have been keeping up with their game products and I have higher expectations, honestly, that this will go well. MRQ being released in small core books is something they are correcting with RQ Deluxe, for example….and they did a lot of work to back up and apologize to the fans with their Conan Atlantean Edition corrections, for example. Mongoose is a company which is growing considerably larger, faster than it could handle….but when I realized that the only books anyone is putting out these days that I look forward to are com,ing from Mongoose (and Green Ronin, when they get around to it….and Chaosium, ditto), then I have to reluctantly accept that they seem to still be catering to my aged gamer demographic, something other, bigger companies do not seem to concern themselves with, anymore….So here’s two thumbs up for the prospect of a Traveller game with real support and real appeal.

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