So, uh… did anything else happen at Gen Con?

August 21st, 2007: Mike Sugarbaker says...
So, uh… did anything else happen at Gen Con?

They previewed Gleemax – like, the real one – and you can see a few screens over here. It looks like an improvement over what’s up now, but the UI still isn’t doing a fabulous job of making clear what the site is.

Catalyst Game Labs, the new custodians of Classic BattleTech, released the by-all-accounts very, very sweet Intro Box Set (copious preview material at that link). Also some Shadowrun stuff I’m having a harder time getting a fix on.

Weis Productions will be doing three Serenity supplements next year, allegedly.

Rackham’s original minis game Confrontation will be coming out in a pre-painted version in October, with rules basically the same as AT-43’s. Fantasy Flight will be taking over Rackham’s stateside distribution and organized-play management.

There were of course all kinds of story games released; breakout new games included Steal Away Jordan and Dirty Secrets. I’ll get links on those when I can. New games from Vincent Baker (of Dogs in the Vineyard fame) and Emily Care Boss (designer of Breaking the Ice) sold out their print runs (of unknown size) at the show.

What else you got? Post it here, ’cause our po’ asses couldn’t go.


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