Privateer to enter collectible market

Not content to stick with traditional miniatures games, Privateer Press has announced its plan to diversify into collectible miniatures in 2008. Privateer will produce Monsterpocalypse, a CMG with over 80 figures at launch, including big monsters, vehicles, and “destroyable city structures.” The plastic figures will come in random boosters and non-random starters. A few figure prototypes from the Kaiju-themed game are previewed on the announcement page: a giant lizard monster, a giant robot, and a giant mushroom – or maybe a UFO, I’m not sure. In any case, it should be interesting to see how Privateer handles a collectible property in a market that often punishes collectible releases.


  1. Collectibles sort of make sense here. It’s not like I want to field an army Godzillas. I want 1 Godzilla, 1 Mechagodzilla, and some tanks and buildings. So a short-run collectible game could do pretty well here.

  2. That’s definitely a UFO, not a mushroom, though it does have an interesting texture to its surface.

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