Dr Who RPG announced at Dragonmeet

Frequent OgreCave contributor Matthew Pook tells us some exciting news from Dragonmeet, happening right now: Cubicle 7 has secured a license to produce a Dr Who RPG based on the new BBC television series. According to Matthew, the license also includes spin-offs like Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. We’ll wait to see what the official press release says once it’s posted. Excellent news for Whovians, in any case.

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  1. Scroll partway down this forum page and you’ll find more info from a fan at the show: “The game will be released as a boxed set, and will contain a Players Guide, a GM’s Guide, an Adventures Book, a GM screen and some funky Who-themed dice. Everything will be full colour and glossy, with plenty of photos from the new show. Scheduled for a ‘Summer 2008’ release it will sell for £25-£30.”

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