2007 OgreCave Christmas Gift Guide – pt 3

December 21st, 2007: Allan Sugarbaker says...
2007 OgreCave Christmas Gift Guide – pt 3

Yeah, I know: there’s hardly any shopping time left before Christmas (the only thing that saved me from getting sick with the rest of the family was all the extra hours at work), but we’re still plowing ahead with our annual OgreCave Christmas Gift Guide! In our third list of 2007 gift suggestions, we’ve gathered Twelve Games Under the d20, our choices of the best products for fans of the waning d20 System. With just a few days left, we hope you’ve already finished buying gifts, but in case you’re still playing catch-up (like us), we hope our gift picks will help out – or provide ideas to aim your post-holiday gift certificates toward. Naturally, our previous lists are still full of worthwhile suggestions, so have at them!

We’ll have one more list – the last minute, downloadable products – in a day or two. As long as we aren’t waylaid by anything else, that is…

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