True20 goes free, FATE still standing there clearing its throat loudly

Green Ronin has announced that its True20 system, already an OGLv1 product but subject to licensing fees for logos and branding language, will be getting a new license in ’08 (to go with a slightly revised new edition of the core rules) that frees the logo somehow. No details have been released on the new terms but I’d wager they will be D20 System Trademark License-ish. The differences will, of course, be telling, and probably more charged than usual given the recent D&D4 announcements.

Fred Hicks of Evil Hat would also like to remind you that the Spirit of the Century SRD is totally OGLv1, and while they don’t allow free use of the SOTC brand (but do make deals for it), the FATE brand is as free as it’s ever been. I repeat this here because so many D20-tied campaigns and settings are crying out for some FATE love in my opinion. (*cough*Iron Kingdoms*cough*)


  1. “We do have one more exciting bit of news for True20 fans. We’ve decided to change the terms of True20 licensing by removing the fees. Starting in May anyone can publish True20 material for free using the current Open Game License. We will be posting information on how that is going to work in a couple of months. This should be good news for True20 fans, as it’ll mean even more settings, adventures, and source material for the game. If you haven’t checked out any of the already available third party material for True20, do yourself a favor. There’s some great stuff out there and it’s only going to get better.”:

  2. Part 2 of the GR year-end address reveals a bunch of cool stuff, including a Wild Cards M&M setting to go with their other George R.R. Martin joint for the year (that being the new Song of Ice and Fire game – the Wild Cards bit was probably already announced but was news to me) and sourcebooks for mecha and “comic-book fantasy,” but nothing about Superlink. I think we can presume that license option is staying the same.

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