FFG licenses Black Industries and Sabertooth stuff, and more

Okay, I think this justifies the word “huge.” (And not just because it’s a PDF link.) Everyone’s always clamoring for the old Games Workshop board games, and if Fantasy Flight really now gets to have them across the (um) board, instead of piecemeal, that’s exciting, but sadly the deal does not include Space Hulk or any other games with minis elements. The Sabertooth part is mildly surprising but, like their games, not very exciting. The portion of immediate interest is that there will be new-product support for Dark Heresy. Now the only thing to worry about is whether the core book will be available at the same time as the support.


  1. The thing to worry about is whether FFG can actually do anything much with this licence. To the casual observer, it already appears as if they are struggling with their production schedules. And that was before they took on selling Rackham in the US.

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