Because you weren’t confused enough: WotC modifies the D&D 4 license deal

Announcement. The upshot as far as I can tell is that the SRD will now be free, to someone anyway, and the go date for publishing 4E GSL-licensed material will be October, not January 2009 or whatever it was. That is, the associated SRD will be free for download on 6/6, and a few hand-picked folks are getting it early. And guess what: something called a D20 license (in this case, a D20 GSL) will be coming back, for the benefit of third parties who’d like to do non-fantasy material. Still no word, from what I can tell, on what either GSL’s terms actually are.


  1. Y’know at the rate this stuff keeps changing I’m finding Paizo’s Pathfinder more and more appealing daily.

  2. Wow, they are going to make publishers pick the OGL or the GSL. If you publish a product under one you can’t publish the product under the other:

    It may be even more restrictive than a product-by-product basis, it may be a publisher-by-publisher basis as to choose the GSL or the OGL, but that was unconfirmed by WotC.


  3. “non-fantasy”. Can’t wait to see how that gets enforced.pduggie

    Hopefully with a new edition of d20 Modern? Otherwise it’s going to be like before, everyone have their own ideas of meta-gaming non-fantasy elements (e.g., automatic weapon fire, nuclear blast, etc.).

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