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  1. Thanks for these reports! I hated missing the GAMA Trade Show this year, though it was fortunate indeed (for personal reasons) that I took a pass.

    Sounds like it was a great show.

    I myself have no issue with the Easter dating, but indeed, it may well cause some difficulties for some retailers and publishers. But with the big boys backing out of support for GTS, and the general economy going the way it is, GAMA must do what it can to economize. Otherwise there won’t BE a GAMA Trade Show…

  2. Hi James,

    While some of us might be fine with heading to Vegas right after Easter, don’t you think GAMA should steer clear of dates that could cut attendance even further? I don’t know the specifics of the deal made with Ballys, but it seems like a big risk to wager the show’s success on whether folks will have family obligations or not.

    On the other hand, I applaud GAMA’s attempt at adding value to buying a show badge – this year, GTS attendees could also use their badge to get into two other conventions in town over at the Hilton, those run by the National Retail Hobby Stores Association, and the National School Supply and Equipment Association. I only heard of one person who went to look at the other shows, so I’m not sure this particular experiment worked, but it was a worthy idea.

    By the way, folks: we’ll be spending a couple podcast episodes going over GTS ’08 as well. Keep checking the Online Valium Prescriptions, and we’ll have something special for you ASAP.

  3. Hi Glen,

    Ah, Pinnacle, I missed them. The Sundered Skies setting for Savage Worlds was mentioned, and according to the catalog, it’ll be 176 pages of full color goodness. It might be interesting to see PEG’s take on flying ships in a fantasy steampunk setting.

  4. Allan,

    It is certainly not an ideal choice, but knowing the level of cash infusions that advertising and sponsorships by the big boys brought (and now no longer exist) I’m sure GAMA had to make some tough choices. As the decision-making process is not transparent, I honestly can’t say they made the best choice. I would hope that they balanced the losses incurred by the dates against the losses incurred by the even greater expense of having the show on other dates and found that the losses due to the post-Easter dates were projected to be fewer. If so, that’s the only decision they could make.

    Of course, if the reverse is true, then it is a bad decision. The only way to know is for them to post the new (higher) costs for the post-Easter dates and the costs that would have been for the non-post-Easter dates and do some sort of survey. If, as a hypothetical exhibitor, my costs for post-Easter dates are only 50% greater next year rather than 150% greater than this year’s, it’s a great deal; one might be doable, the other not at all. If as a retailer the sign-up cost to attend is doubled rather than tripled, I’d say it was a winning choice, too. We just don’t know.

    I’ve dealt enough with the current management team at GAMA to know that they probably made the better choice.

  5. James,

    If there is one thing I can say, there were several exhibitors, and MANY retailers who instantly and without hesitation said “I’ll be skipping next year due to the dates.” I can see what you are saying, but I can tell you people didn’t have a similar reaction during the show.

  6. Exactly what I heard from several folks, Chris, mostly exhibitors. Maybe they’ll change their minds before next year, but the reaction each person gave was so certain… well, I’d be rethinking the dates if I were GAMA.

    If the decision process was more transparent, or at least explained more thoroughly, maybe potential attendees would be swayed to try coming out next year. But it’ll be a hard sell during hard times.

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