Fantasy Flight schedules more 2008 boardgame releases

Fantasy Flight obviously doesn’t have enough to do. I mean, we’ve already declared FFG the overachiever of GTS ’08 and gone down the list of planned releases. But the company obviously isn’t content to go ahead with its already impressive release schedule, and has added more to its plate: ICv2 reports an agreement with Italian game manufacturer Stratelibri to publish and distribute boardgame titles like Constantinople and recent Origins Award nominee Kingsburg. One begins to wonder how much of the increasingly ambitious schedule FFG can pull off – on time, at least.


  1. When it is your company policy to stay on time, by frequently changing the release schedule… you are never late!

  2. Would be nice if they released some news for the fans of Warhammer Fantasy Role-Play. Or new on new stuff for any of the stuff they got in their last deal. Only stuff released was already finished before that deal.

  3. It’d be nice to get things on time but we are talking about FFG here. Personally, I don’t mind. They’ve got LOTS of stuff coming out that will be destroying my paychecks for months to come – I can be a bit patient if they’re a few months off. 🙂

  4. Does FFG always push their product back? Cause it is really harming their ufs community to have the release pushed so far back.

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