WizKids cuts everything but HeroClix and card models by year’s end?

So WizKids is moving its offices to Topps’ location in NY, “focusing” on just a few lines, and by year’s end, “aligning its staff with its product portfolio.” Uhh… good times. Rumors still abound that MechWarrior has life ahead of it, but you’ll note that it isn’t in the list included here. Maybe it’s moving somewhere. The funniest/saddest thing in the announcement from WK prez Lax Chandra below is the citation of “rumors of a 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie” and its being “one of the most anticipated movies of all time.” As Jack Sparrow himself has said in a thousand Photoshopped LiveJournal icons: O RLY?

The following is announcement text from WizKids

Today, we are announcing several changes at WizKids games that will be implemented later this year. The changes are largely focused on consolidating administrative functions to our corporate office in New York City. However, there are also a few changes from a development perspective as we align our staff with our product portfolio. The changes will take place over the next several months as we integrate functions and systems into Topps.

As we move forward, we will be focusing on our 3 core brands all of which have exciting product and promotion plans for the rest of 2008 and beyond.

· Marvel & DC HeroClix has seen significant growth since our Avengers release last June. DC Crisis sold at an unprecedented rate and our presales for our next release, Marvel Secret Invasion, are outpacing DC Crisis 2 to 1.
· Star Wars PocketModel Trading Card Game is ready and waiting for a whole new generation of Star Wars fans. The Clone Wars movie releases August 15th followed shortly by the Clone Wars television show launching in October. We’re ready for the rush with 2 expansions Clone Wars (July) and Clone Wars Tactics (October).
· Pirates PocketModel Game – With rumors of a 4th Pirates of the Caribbean movie on the horizon, we’re busy planning out the line so we can capitalize on all the hype that will surround one of the most anticipated movies of all time.

Ultimately, we believe that these changes will allow WizKids to add greater value to and better leverage the assets of the Topps organization. WizKids, and specifically gaming, remains a valuable part of the Topps organization and its game division will continue to be based in Seattle.


Lax Chandra
President, WizKids


  1. That’s two CMGs launched with pseudo-scary IP nobody recognizes, now on the trash heap. I wonder how long it’ll be until someone launches a third… *sigh*

  2. “I wonder how long it’ll be until someone launches a third… *sigh*”

    Almost exactly two months…it’s called Monsterpocalypse.

  3. They did this a few years back with Mage Knight and Rocketmen as well, both games I liked. Horrorclix Im kinda sad to see go. It was a nice twist on the clix games.

    Pirates, to be honest, I stopped collecting before they came out with the Pirates of the Caribbean cards. Too many ships, too hard to get the really cool ones (I bought how many packs of Mysterious Islands and got no nautilus ships???)and too many other collectible games that wanted a piece of my money.


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