Halo boardgame planned this August

B1 Games will be bringing us the Halo Interactive Strategy Game, a modular, three-dimensional boardgame based on the immensely popular video game property, at “1527 hours, August 1, 2008”. According to company’s site, the game will include “Sculpted, 3D collectible character pieces”, Heroic and Legendary difficulty levels, and have “Special insider Halo DVD content” (how the DVD will factor into gameplay, if at all, is unknown – I’m kinda hoping it won’t). The game will have Campaign, Slayer, and Capture the Flag modes, and to top it all off, B1 Games also promises expansion products with “new adventures, vehicles, characters and weapons”. Could be interesting – or just the last licensee to the table. I’ll put myself in the “curious” column.


  1. I’ll put myself in the “don’t really care” category because FFG will have their Gears of War game out soon and I’ll place my faith in an established company that has made lots of games that I do like as opposed to a new company that probably is going to go the DVD gimmick route with this.

    Maybe this will be good but I’ll definitely wait to hear what they say on board game geek before I plunk down the cash for this.

  2. True. I mayself am interested. But after seening the company. I fear for it’s true gameplay capability. It’s on my monitor list. Although the copy sounds good. Lets see how well it will stick to it.

  3. They published “24”, one of the worst Dvd games in history. We’ll be lucky if we can strip the parts for something useful.

  4. I’m not going to whine about how “innovative modular sci-fi games” have already been done by smaller companies like Gorilla Games but I will point out in honesty that the Halo franchise was never written up originally to support tabletop ports.

    Gameplay is paramount but the intent and character of protaganists within the game’s context (the story) has to be specifically tailored for an RPG or boardgame. For instance, number of players? Only two sides in the Halo conflict. Characters? All soldiers.

    If I wanted something like this I would skip the dvd chrome and pick up Battlestations instead. A boardgame from a boardgame company.

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