Audio Report – 4e licensing and other ventures

In our latest Audio Report episode, Lee Valentine joins us again as we discuss the more restricted nature of the D&D 4e Game System License. To us, it almost seems publishers will require a Will save to move to the new edition. Then we move on to the Mutant Chronicles CMG becoming non-random, and Days of Wonder issues. In Currently Playing, we’ve dabbled in everything from Red Dragon Inn and Carolus Magnus to Ticket to Ride: Switzerland. Have a listen, and be sure to check out our previous episodes.


  1. In its heyday, Mutant Chronicles covered most of the hobbie game bases with certain amount of success: Board games (Siege of the Citadel, Fury of the Clansmen, Blood Berets), Miniatures (Warzone), CCG (Doom Trooper, Dark Eden) and, of course, the RPG. Even a Contra-like videogame for Genesis and SNES.

    I was pretty enthusiastic about Fantasy Flight’s CMG and seriously considering buying a crate or two of the stuff to use for the rpg encounters and Siege of the Citadel substitutes. I knew of some other people wanting to use those minis for Warzone.

    I still don’t know why they decided to use a Inquisitor-like scale instead of the 40K/WizKids/D&D Minis-like scale. IMHO, the smaller scale had more sales potential. They sure know better than me about their biz but for me this game went from “Sure buy” to “Might buy the starter some day. Maybe.”

  2. Yeah, it seems a new minis game shouldn’t try to set itself apart from the rest by being a slightly different size, but rather by being a good game. Why should a company be opposed to having gamers buy their figures for alternate purposes? It still equals sales.

  3. “Why should a company be opposed to having gamers buy their figures for alternate purposes?”

    Cause the license holder may stipulate it as part of the contract…Not saying that’s the case here, but was for GW in terms of the entire LoTR line.

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