Hârn creator passes away

A few days ago, the man who created the highly-detailed fantasy world of Hârn, N. Robin Crossby, passed away after a two year battle with cancer. Yesterday, Tom Dalgliesh of Columbia Games, the original publisher of Hârn, issued a statement (below) that highlights the importance of Crossby’s influence on the RPG setting. Crossby had been continuing to expand Hârn through Kelestia Publications. OgreCave wishes his family the best, and asks the world in general, “Can we stop losing great tabletop gaming names now, please?”

Columbia Games press release follows:

N. Robin Crossby, 1954-2008

The original creator and writer of HârnWorld passed away on July 23rd after a two year battle with cancer. Robin and I met in 1978 and collaborated over twenty-five years to create, expand, and publish the finest RPG world setting ever written. Over three million words and hundreds of quality maps and illustrations were published.

Towards the end of Robin’s life, a rift developed between us that originated with CGI’s desire to maintain the status quo and Robin’s desire to introduce new elements into Hârn. This rift grew too wide and deep to be bridged. In 2003 we went our separate ways, Robin publishing materials under the name Kelestia Publications. His new work reflected the direction he wished to go with Hârn.

The Crossby family and the RPG world have lost a giant and a genius.

Wander in peace, Robin.

Tom Dalgliesh
Columbia Games, Inc.

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