More just in from Gen Con 2008

I’ve got a few minutes to peruse a few internet rumblings from this weekend’s big Indianapolis show, so I’ll point out a few things that caught my attention:

  • The new Baron Munchausen RPG from Magnum Opus Press is at the Mongoose booth. [EDIT: we’ve had mixed reports on whether it was at the show, but e23 has the PDF]
  • Cubicle 7 has the Starblazer Adventures RPG at the show, and demos of the eagerly-awaited Doctor Who RPG.
  • Due to the near-certain success of Ken Hite’s Where the Deep Ones Are, brilliantly illustrated by Andy Hopp (which we saw back at GTS ’08), Mr Hite hints there may be a sequel – The Antarctic Express (Polar Express combined with Beyond the Mountains of Madness) – and possibly others to follow.
  • The Sultan is a cool game table for ultrageeks with $9,700 to burn.
  • The story-boardgame Zombie Cinema requires players to make their characters interesting, lest everyone else decide you should get eaten.

We’ll point out more bits as they become fully realized, or interesting, or as time allows. All of the above.


  1. I doubt the new Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen was on the Mongoose booth at Gen Con, since I didn’t get the ready-to-print files to the guys until Thursday last week. However it’s available in PDF form from e23 right now, and the deluxe Gentlemens’ Edition will be hitting store shelves in September.

  2. Deluxe Edition, you say? Pre-ordered, I say! (man, I wish the FLGS down the street hadn’t closed up shop last year…)

  3. I think Mongoose did a rush job because I’ve got a copy of Baron Munchausen in my hot little hands and I got it from the Mongoose stand.

  4. Starblazer Adventures – Because gamers need their own specialized weapon.
    Seriously. 600 pages of softcover goodness and lethality, soon to be followed by the armored hardcover version.
    And the deal they had going was too good to pass: $50 = softcover; $60 = softcover at the show, hardcover mailed in Sept. and PDF emailed once they get back to the UK. If you did not buy this, cry into this cup.

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