First look: Monty Python Fluxx

October 15th, 2008: Allan Sugarbaker says...
First look: Monty Python Fluxx

We just received our copy of Monty Python Fluxx from Looney Labs today, and I had a quick look through the cards. Despite what I saw in a prototype deck at GTS ’08, it appears the card selection has been de-spammed – as in, no cards with the word “Spam” on them. The cards favor Monty Python and the Holy Grail over all other Pythonisms (with a few other references sneaking in), which isn’t a bad idea when trying to appeal to the gamer market. In addition to the Creeper mechanic from Zombie Fluxx (winner of Best Card Game in our 2008 Ogre’s Choice Awards), some of the cards seem to have dual purposes – certain situations that cause them to function differently, or allow them to be sacrificed for an effect. In all, just from this early glance at what Monty Python Fluxx has to offer, this may be another Keeper. (*ahem*) We’ll post a full review to our reviews section in the days ahead, once I’ve rallied some players.


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