It’s the Great Cthulhu, Charlie Brown

If your Halloween gaming plans need a last-minute shot in the arm, Super Genius Games may have what you need with its latest Call of Cthulhu adventure, Midnight Harvest. Author Owen K.C. Stephens designed the Halloween-themed New England adventure for an evening or two of gaming, and provides pre-generated characters as well. Here’s the plot summary:

The Autumnal Costume Fete fills sleepy Five Lanterns, RI with outlandish garb sewn by the country’s best costumers. This year, some of the outfits seem a little too real… and their designer will go to any length to keep his identity secret. A rash of missing children, the discovery of unholy texts, and gibbering lunatics wandering the streets, hide the true menace as it reaches for its blasphemous goal.

Recently released in PDF form, you can currently grab this creepy adventure for $7.99.

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