Upper Deck has second round of 2008 layoffs

The season of cutting back is fully underway. We hadn’t mentioned the Mattel layoffs yet, so if you hadn’t heard, now you know. In addition, our sources say that Upper Deck has just had more layoffs, and this round is more severe than the company’s cutbacks in early May. If true, that would mean Upper Deck is letting go of more than 50 employees this week. We’ll let you know once we hear more, but between this, Mattel’s layoff, and the WizKids closure, things are looking a bit grim lately. [UPDATE: We’ve now also heard that about 60 people were let go from Upper Deck – 40 from California, the rest from Nevada, mostly from mid-level and entry level positions in R&D, Special Projects, and Brand. This equates to nearly 20% of the company’s workforce. As always, we wish the best of luck to everyone affected.]

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  1. Looks like ICv2 has weighed in now, but wasn’t able to find out much else. They’re saying “about 40 people” laid off, but that may be the California number. And just as it has been for OgreCave since Tuesday, no one at Upper Deck seems to want to comment.

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