Catalyst added to WizKids shakeout

Just since our story yesterday on the continuing WizKids closure situation, it was pointed out that another hat was thrown into the ring for picking up the pieces. Catalyst Game Labs has made an offer to Topps to acquire HeroClix, Pirates, BattleTech/MechWarrior, and Shadowrun. Catalyst’s proven track record withClassic BattleTech and Shadowrun seems to make it a solid choice for continuing the WizKids legacy. Such well-known products have likely caught the eye of several potential buyers, so we may see a bidding war over the WizKids product lines. Or rather, we’ll know what happened when someone declares victory. Click through for the press release.

Catalyst Game Labs press release follows:

Catalyst Game Labs Submits Offer for WizKids Properties

Catalyst Game Labs has tendered an offer with The Topps Company, Inc. to acquire various WizKids properties, including such dynamic game lines as HeroClix, the Pirates Pocket Model Game, BattleTech/MechWarrior, and Shadowrun. After carefully reviewing options, Catalyst firmly believes that to protect the properties and ensure the best possible continuity for all communities, acquiring all brands will ensure the on going success of these game lines.

Loren Coleman [majority owner of Catalyst Game Labs] recently met in New York with Topps senior management to further explore the acquisition of these properties. “Catalyst has demonstrated our ability to manage large and important intellectual properties,” said Loren. “We will bring the same excitement and care to the HeroClix, Pirates and other WizKids brands. We’ve made our initial offer, and look forward to a successful resolution.”

HeroClix represents the most popular Collectible Miniatures Game on the market, due to its superb Envoy program and a powerful community” said David Stansel-Garner, Operations Manager [himself a former WizKids employee]. “Meanwhile Catalyst Game Labs continues to grow the BattleTech and Shadowrun properties, each with their own vibrant, dedicated communities. While we would be new to the collectible miniatures market, we have proven experience in quickly acquiring the talent and infrastructure needed to produce high quality games. We’ve already begun the process of contacting top industry talent to bring on board should Topps accept Catalyst’s offer.”

Catalyst Game Labs publishes the perennial Classic BattleTech and Shadowrun game lines and co-publishes (with WildFire LLC) the recently launched CthulhuTech RPG. Next year will see the publication of a new RPG line, Eclipse Phase, numerous casual games (such as Paparazzi!, High School Drama and others), as well as the launching of a novel publishing program.


  1. They’re making a play after all, huh? For the whole package?

    Now I’m gonna sound dumb on the next podcast. (Not that I wasn’t anyway)

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