1. Thanks to this sale my fledgling Red Blok force is now prepared to get all shooty and stompy!

    I dig AT-43. Too bad it’s underappreciated. (at least in my local area)

  2. Sorry to disappoint, but my plans for the Karman units I’d like don’t actually include playing AT-43. I mean, I guess I’d try it if opportunity arose, but I’ve no intention to purchase the rules.

  3. Phil Reed said:

    “I have to buy him some these now, don’t I?”

    Only if you promise to ship him to Austin so that my Red Blok can kick monkey ass!

    Soon as I find an ogre-sized box and some chloroform, he’ll be on his way, Phil.

    Hey Mike, you’re coming by the house for Christmas, right? No reason, just wondering…

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