The Spoils gets new owner

January 26th, 2009: Allan Sugarbaker says...
The Spoils gets new owner

Back in May 2008, Tenacious Games, publisher of The Spoils TCG, announced the company would cease operations. Now, eight months later, fans of the extravagantly-promoted game – first launched in 2006 – have new hope in the form of a new owner. According to a Spoils website news post, the rights and property of the company now belong to a group or company called Arcane Tinmen. Josh Lytle and Patrick Meehan of Tenacious Games will be helping out with the game’s relaunch. Certain portions of the announcement may give you flashbacks to other bankrupcy announcements from the past year. In any case, bravo for saving games that still have life in them. … The Spoils has life in it, right?


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