GAMA Trade Show 2009 looming ever closer

As most of you know, the GAMA (Game Manufacturers Association) Trade Show in Las Vegas is just around the corner. During April 14- 17, game manufacturers, retailers, distributors, suppliers and independent professionals, all related to the non-electronic gaming industry will meet up in Sin City to discuss and promote new games and new game-related products. Hopefully, there will be some time left for and other gambling activities at some point throughout the four day schedule. (I certainly try to get a little “play time” in each time I attend.)

OgreCave’s still trying to sort out what sort of coverage we’ll have at the show – hopefully, at least one of our co-conspirators will end up in Vegas, feeding us news from the show floor as usual. In the meantime, feel free to look back at our coverage from last year (or listen to the corresponding Audio Report episode) and mentally check off each product announcement that became reality.

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