The snuggly warmth of your own Tauntaun carcass

As usual, April Fool’s Day spawned a number of hoax announcements, including one about this Star Wars sleeping bag. Note the intestine pattern on the interior, to maximize the realism of being stuffed inside a freshly gutted tauntaun. Also note the “glowing lightsaber zipper pull” that opens the carcass, which itself looks like flattened roadkill. Apparently there’s been so much interest in the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag hoax item that ThinkGeek is going to try to get the license to actually make them. And yes, if they’re ever successfully brought to market, the sleeping bags will smell better on the outside – largely because some kid’s on the inside.

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  1. I read an article on the 1st that claimed a Terminator on the Sarah Conner Chronicles would be shown to be painting gaming miniatures, in effort to learn humanity…

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