Not much time left to Chill

June 11th, 2009: Allan Sugarbaker says...
Not much time left to Chill

We’ve all seen the successful use of alternate funding by game publishers in the last few years (Delta Green fans are well aware of this trend). However, it seems like OtherWorld Creations may need a last-minute rally to make its Fundable round for Chill 3rd Edition reach the goal of $25,301. As I’m writing this, the Fundable page has only secured pledges for $3,600, well short of what’s required by this Saturday, June 13. Gamers who’d like to support the horror RPG’s return can get a copy of the game for as little as $45, but unless pledge amounts increase quickly, the new edition may be a non-starter. To quote the Fundable page:

“If this fundraiser fails to generate the minimum amount then unfortunately the prospects for any new version of the game look bleak. It will have to wait until we raise enough money through other means which could take forever.

“And frankly, if we can’t get a few hundred fans to pledge the money, then most likely the fan base isn’t really there for Chill and any additional time and money spent on it is a waste. So, if you want to see a new version of Chill then please pledge.”

There you have it. If you’re a fan of Chill, get your pledge in now. If you don’t know the game, try the 44-page QuickStart PDF – and then pledge.


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