BattleLore: Heroes expansion due this fall from FFG

It seems like anytime a BattleLore enthusiast talks about the game these days, they bemoan Days of Wonder not getting around to releasing the Heroes set. Well, today the game’s current publisher Fantasy Flight just announced a release date for BattleLore: Heroes. According to FFG’s website, the expansion will include “10 unique Hero figures, a Rules booklet, 110 Skill, Artifact, and Landmark cards, and much more”. Several previews are planned at the company’s website, and the Cleric is already on display along with the abilities of Riding, Chant, and Herbal Remedy. At a pricetag of $39.95, FFG will release BattleLore: Heroes this fall.

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  1. I don’t know about this. I think the game’s momentum has died off. Didn’t Mike say he sold his copy in an audio report episode?

    It just seems too late, I guess.

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